Styling your Dining Room with Armchairs


As the heart of the home, the dining room is the place where the whole family spends hearty meals while sharing stories and conversations with each other. It is the center of laughters, discussions, bonding times, and get-togethers. When extended families and friends come over, the dining room is a magnet that binds everyone together.

Therefore, it is important to design your dining room with love to attract positive vibes and homeliness. In this day and age when people just sit in front of the TV with plates on their laps, you have to go the extra mile to bring back the style and function of the dining room in your home.

In this article, we will go through the important things to consider in designing a dining room that will surely entice and invite your family and friends to spend more time conversing with each other rather than in front of the screen or stuck to their gadgets. We will also share with you the most popular dining room styles that will fit the aesthetics of your home, the MAKA armchairs that are tailor-fit and suitable to your considerations, and some helpful tips and tricks to help you design your dining room to your heart’s desire.

Things to Consider in Designing Your Dining Room

The final look and style of your dining room will depend on several factors, the most important of which can be understood below.

The Basics of Dining Room Design

To ensure that your dining room is designed with beauty and comfort as your main considerations, here are some of the most basic things to consider:

  • Room Size. Know the size of the functional space of your dining room so that you have a reference when choosing which tables, chairs, and other furniture will fit and suit your room size.
  • Room Shape and Layout. Traditional dining rooms are rectangular in shape, but modern and eclectic dining ones can range from oval to open-space layouts. Having a picture of your dining room will help you decide better on the best furniture that you will buy for this area.
  • Clearance and Space. Allot a clearance of 36-4 inches between your dining room chairs and the walls or other furniture, so that people will have ample leg space to move around. There should also be a minimum of 2 feet of tabletop space per person so that people won’t brush elbows while eating. Tight spaces will not warrant comfort, so take the clearance and space into consideration when choosing your dining room table and chairs.
  • Lighting. Make sure to choose lighting fixtures that are intimate, classic, and well suited for different dining settings. Eye level lighting will also serve its function while adding style and character to your dining room. Having natural lighting from windows can be a huge plus as well.


The space that you will use for your dining room hugely impacts the layout and design of the area. Are you designing a formal dining room that is enclosed or with dividers? Are you thinking of an open-space layout that combines dining room and kitchen or dining room and living room? How about a pass-through dining area? Is your dining room indoors or outdoors? These are just some of the things that you have to consider when designing the best dining room that suits your overall home layout.

The dining room space will also determine how much and how big the furniture and fixtures that you can include. Your tables and chairs will have to fit that space well, first and foremost.

Architectural Style

It all boils down to the architectural style of your house. While a lot of houses now have a modern architectural style, there are also houses that are Victorian, Georgian, eclectic, or international. It’s a good method to choose your dining room furniture based on your house’s architectural style to give off the feel of consistency and balance in the design.


While we can agree that a dining room is meant for sharing meals together, not all dining rooms are the same in terms of their specific function. When choosing dining room furniture and tableware, it is important to know the function that your dining room will serve. Will you be hosting formal gatherings or casual get-togethers? Are you looking for an intimate or a  free-flowing setting? Conversation patterns will also depend on your table and seating arrangement. So it’s best to think of these things ahead of time to better plan your dining room layout and design.


Of course, your dining room should be styled according to the interior design and aesthetics of your home. Are you looking for a more traditional or modern dining room? Which colors would accentuate your area? What overall style are you going for with your furniture, fixtures, tableware, and other materials?

Creativity will give you infinite possibilities, so just mix and match and play with your dining room design and style to achieve the best aesthetics that will inject personality to your dining room and start wonderful conversations with your loved ones.

Most Popular Dining Room Styles

In this section, we will go through the most popular concepts of dining rooms together with their best features. Whether you already have a rough idea of how you are going to design your dining room or you are starting from scratch, these styles are a great reference to help you achieve the best dining room style and ambiance that you are aiming for.


Formal dining rooms have been unpopular in the past decades, but it has now been making a comeback! Perhaps one of the main reasons is that it’s easy to replicate in an enclosed space. The availability of formal dining furnishings is also a factor.

With the formal dining room, you will need wood trimmings that are darker in color, in contrast to light or bright color themes that exude a casual charm. The main dining table is usually rectangular in shape, but you can also experiment with an oval or a large circular table as well. China cabinets are well-known to add a touch of formality in this kind of dining room style.

One of the focal points of the formal dining room is that almost everything comes in matching sets. So, make sure to have matching chairs, complete tableware and cutlery sets, and furniture that accentuates the ambiance of formality and elegance.

The MAKA Resin Dining Armchair 2082B is the best formal dining room chair for your needs. It has a classic and elegant design, especially when you choose the light gray or Italy red color. Who says plastic cannot be suitable for formal settings? This armchair will give you and your loved ones comfort while still maintaining its classy, ergonomic style that fits a formal dining room.


A rustic style dining room exudes stability and longevity. It gives off a warm, welcoming ambiance that makes you feel closer to nature. While a rustic theme is often dominated by natural wood, you can also add a touch of plastic or metal as accents. With this, the overall look and feel of your dining room will not be boring and monotonous.

The color schemes of a rustic dining room will often be centered around earth tones and outdoor themes. Natural lighting is a huge plus, but you can also create a bright and airy aura with the help of good lighting.

Because of its nature-themed approach, the rustic dining room style is known to reduce stress and anxiety. It is best for casual family gatherings and get-togethers with friends.

The MAKA Outdoor Armrest Chair 2084B is perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining settings if you’re pushing for a rustic dining room style. The white or Italy red color is a great accent for your wood-dominated dining room color theme!


If you are a fan of the sea and you’d like to add a coastal charm to your home, a beach- or nautical-themed dining room is the perfect style for you. This dining room design will give off a feeling of openness and adventure, and your furniture and decors can be a great conversation starter during lunches or dinners.

Main color schemes for a beach dining room style would be neutral colors accentuated with blues and whites. You can also mix and match chairs and tables and be adventurous with your choice of decors and accents.

The beach-themed dining room is also a great choice if you are planning to have your dining area outdoors. Ample lighting is necessary for lighthearted and casual meals with friends and family.

The MAKA New Plastic Armchair 2085B in white color is your go-to armchair for a beach-themed dining room. This white chair is the best partner for your blue-themed dining room, giving off the ambiance of being out in the sea.


The eclectic dining room style will show off your personality. Feel free to have mismatched dining pieces and materials, chairs that are not uniform in size or color, and accessories that are creative and reflect your own style.

However, your color patterns must still follow a unifying theme or they would just look cluttered and disorganized. Decide on one or two colors as your main themes and then just add little tidbits of accents with your materials and accessories.

When you have an eclectic dining room, it would always feel homely and casual, making way for fun conversations and light table discussions over hearty meals.

Go loud and proud with the MAKA Outdoor Armrest Chair 2084B in Italy red or Italy green! It will show off your outgoing and fun-loving personality that your family and guests will surely love.


Perhaps the dining room style that is best rising into popularity nowadays is the Scandinavian or minimalist style. It is easy to put together and doesn’t need a lot of furnishings. It is also the best choice if you are on a budget but still want your dining room to look classy and elegant.

Your dining room walls will be dominated with white or off-white colors and your accessories and decors must be scarce. The table and chairs also don’t need heavy decorations or accents. Ultimately, the look of a Scandinavian dining room must exude cleanliness, brightness, and openness.

If you are inspired to work on a Scandinavian dining room style, the MAKA New Armchair 2081B is your best choice. Choose the white or light gray color for a muted color theme that goes well with a minimalist dining setting.

Tips and Tricks in Designing your Dining Room

  • Add a personal touch. While you can look at the Internet for endless inspirations to what you’d like in your dining room, it is important to make it your own. Add personal projects such as paintings, crochet pieces, or sculptures that your guests will immediately know as yours.
  • Don’t be afraid to go DIY. There are add-ons in your dining room that you can already make, instead of buying them somewhere else. Examples are adding textures to your walls, making your own placeholders, or designing your plates.
  • Insert a conversation-starter. Add something that your guests will be intrigued about, such as a wall mural, a vintage wine rack, or souvenirs from your travels. These will make for good conversation-starters and story times.
  • Check out custom furnishings. Go out of your comfort zone and seek out customized decors and fixtures that will best fit your dining room style. These will make your dining room stand out from the rest of the dining rooms that your guests have seen, and you will be praised for your taste and originality.
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