Our factory tests all materials that we accept in compliance with environmental and safety standards. Through traditional craftsmanship, our furniture lasts under many conditions and fits various rooms.

Why Importing From MAKA
——A Chinese Furniture Manufacturer

Importing furniture from Chinese manufacturers gives you different design choices while reducing expenditure through our wholesale pricing and tested durability.

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  • Wholesale Price

    Providing furniture at a MOQ of 100, we deliver orders at wholesale prices for you to focus on meeting your business needs.

  • Full Range of Furniture

    Fitting dinner, kitchen, garden and patio applications, MAKA manufactures different types of furniture pieces to address your specific needs.

  • Furniture Last For Centuries

    Testing materials and furniture pieces at every step of production ensures that you receive long serving items that fit in any setting.

  • No Nails, Screws, and Glue

    Joints, nails, screws and glue are barely seen on the surface. With our traditional craftsmanship, we improve the lifespan of our furniture.

A Variety of Furniture for Different Applications

As our materials are tested for their durability under any condition, we design furniture to fit dinner rooms, kitchens, gardens and patios.


Made from high-end plastic or wood, our chairs can be stacked for easy storage and maintain their quality appearance under any condition.

With ergonomic design, our chairs are equipped with non-marking feet to protect hard surfaces from scratching and reduce noise.

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Our tables are made to last under various weather conditions in order to fit garden, kitchen, dining and other applications.

Through our customizations, we create tables with unique designs with frosted edges, lightweight materials and other attractive features.

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Custom Versatile Furniture For Any Room

Fill out the contact form with your ideas today and find the right furniture sets for your room applications.


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