MAKA tables are versatile enough to be used for any indoor rooms. We also make them durable and weather resistant, allowing our furniture to withstand common outdoor hazards. You can rely on our lead-time of 20 to 30 days for in-stock tables and 45 days for custom dining tables.

Custom Tables For All Styles and Markets.

Through our comprehensive customization service for quality custom dining tables, we help your brand reach out to various markets such as home, restaurant, and corporate property owners.

Features and Benefits

MAKA help you bolster your branding image and garner trust among your customers with our eco-friendly tables and table sets.

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Unique Design & Appearance.

As a trusted furniture manufacturer with over 15 years of experience, MAKA meets the aesthetic requirements of numerous customers.

The experience and skills we have gained over the years enable us to create personalized tables with a marketable style, making them worthy of a place in any design exhibition worldwide.

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Lightweight for Moving Around.

We consider the portability of the table by adopting lightweight structures and materials.

The portability of our furniture allows homeowners to easily move around when renovating their rooms. End users can also easily move our tables to new addresses.

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Frosted Edges for Safety.

Our furniture features frosted edges that stand out from other living room, office, or kitchen tables on sale.

By making the edges of our table visible, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury or potential property damage. The frosted edges also blend perfectly with the beauty of our glass table.

MAKA Furniture Catalog

Custom Versatile Furniture For Any Room

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