Qualified Manufacturing

MAKA is committed to providing clients with the best custom furniture in the market. Combining our industry experience, modern manufacturing tools, and skilled craftsmen, we create chairs and tables that your brand can lean on.


In our efforts to provide the best products and services to our clients, we secure the necessary certifications that uphold our global standards.


Recycled Material

Contributing to the global drive for environmental protection, MAKA procures plastic and metal from reliable eco-friendly local suppliers.

Our experienced craftsmen ensure that the materials pass the necessary EN12520 and EN 581 tests before being used for construction.


Plastic And Metal Furniture

Ultra-Smooth Surface

Welded parts are smoothed and polished by our craftsmen using industrial polishing tools, creating a clean and beautiful finish on the metal surface.

The smooth surface not only allows for a better look when painted, but it also adds to the quality of the finished table and chair.


Metal Furniture

Quality Coating

Once the product is polished, a coat of paint is applied to the table or chair, completing the manufacturing process. The paint provides protection from weathering and corrosion while giving a unique look to the product.


Plastic And Metal Furniture

Thrid-Party Quality Tests

The finished furniture undergoes rigorous third-party testing to assess the stability and quality of our product. A comprehensive report of the tests is available to the clients per request.

Plastic And Metal Furniture

100% Check And Protective Packaging

A final round of checks is done on the completed furniture before packaging is done. The furniture is then packaged with high-class protective packaging, ensuring the product won’t be damaged during transit.


Custom Versatile Furniture For Any Room

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