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Weather-resistant and intricately-designed outdoor garden furniture delivers a sense of luxury to any home or office garden. Our garden furniture is fully-customizable, great for OEM and ODM production.

Benefits of Our Garden Furniture

Take advantage of MAKA’s superior manufacturing process and offer your market with unique outdoor garden furniture solutions.

Garden Furniture Guide From MAKA

Do You Offer Plastic Garden Furniture?

Plastic garden furniture offers a range of amazing features, making them the perfect choice for any garden. While plastic has comparable durability as other garden furniture materials, plastic is lightweight, thus easy to move around and store when necessary. Plastic surfaces are also easy to clean and maintain, allowing the furniture to last longer.

Another feature that plastic garden furniture boasts is its high weather resistance, being able to deal with extreme heat and rain without visible changes. And as gardens are usually exposed to constant heat, the plastic garden furniture should fit well in any garden.

How To Clean Plastic and Metal Garden Furniture?

Cleaning plastic and metal garden furniture is a great way to keep the furniture nice and vibrant while protecting them from damage. To make sure that garden tables and chairs are easy to clean, we produce them under a strict quality control system.

For metal garden furniture, start by removing any and all visible signs of damage with a metal polishing paste or a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. Apply a coat of rust-resistant primer after cleaning, then another coat of rust-resistant paint to cover the damaged areas. A coat of automotive wax after the paint dries helps keep the metal garden furniture protected from damage.

As for plastic garden furniture, combine a gallon of water with a few squirts of regular dish soap and generously apply the solution on the plastic furniture using a sponge or rag. Scrub down stains using a light scrub to remove them, and let stand for a few minutes. Rinse the plastic furniture with clean water, and then turn the chairs upside down to dry faster.

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