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Durable and intricately designed outdoor garden furniture brings a sense of luxury to any home or office garden. Our garden furniture is fully customizable and is very suitable for OEM and ODM production.

Benefits of Our Garden Furniture

Take advantage of MAKA’s superior manufacturing process and offer your market with unique outdoor garden furniture solutions.

Garden Furniture Guide From MAKA

Do You Offer Plastic Garden Furniture?

Plastic garden furniture has a series of amazing functions, making it the perfect choice for any garden. Although plastic has durability comparable to other garden furniture materials, it is lightweight and therefore easy to move and store when necessary. Plastic surfaces are also easy to clean and maintain, making furniture have a longer lifespan.

Another characteristic of plastic garden furniture is its high weather resistance, which can withstand extreme high temperatures and transients without significant changes. Due to the continuous high temperatures in gardens, plastic garden furniture should be suitable for any garden.

How To Clean Plastic and Metal Garden Furniture?

Plastic cleaning and metal garden furniture are good ways to keep furniture beautiful and vibrant, while protecting its cabinet from damage. To ensure that the garden tables and chairs are easy to clean, we produce them under strict quality control system.

For metal garden furniture, first use metal polishing paste or an equal amount of water and white vinegar solution to remove any and all visible damage. After cleaning, apply a layer of anti rust primer, and then apply another layer of anti rust paint to cover the damaged area. Applying a layer of car wax after the paint has dried can help protect metal garden furniture from damage.

For plastic garden furniture, mix a gallon of water with a small amount of regular dishwashing detergent, and then apply the solution thoroughly to the plastic furniture with a sponge or cloth. Gently scrub to remove stains, then let it stand for electroplating. Rinse plastic furniture with clean water, then invert the chair for faster drying.

Custom Versatile Furniture For Any Room

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