Dining Furniture

Our restaurant furniture is traditionally made of solid materials, which can neatly place different dishes and decorations. Use a furniture table suitable for any restaurant.

Why Choose Our Dining Room Furniture

MAKA’s expert craftsmen offer OEM/ODM customization in order to design the right dining room furniture to appeal to your market.

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Do You Offer OEM & ODM Service for Dining Furniture?

Besides materials, there are more customization options for dining tables, chairs, and table sets. Through our OEM and ODM service, we follow your design plan and create the right furniture to match your dining room. Customization service also helps to express your brand and cement the loyalty of your audience. Choose from our options for size, shape, material and color to modify any furniture set for a dining room.

Bookshelves and ornaments, among others, can be crafted from any material to match the design of your room and furniture.

Do You Supply Formal, Casual, Or Modern Style Dining Furniture Sets?

We have all kinds of styles of dining room furniture sets for you to choose from. Maximize the experience of guests and end users with our choice of formal, modern or minimalist designs. The formal furniture design expresses tradition and class, embedded with rich detail on the surface. Modern styles focus on cool hues, higher functionality and sleekness, adapting well to changing trends. Casual designs require little detail and fewer colors to emphasize the performance of our furniture.


If you are looking for dining room furniture, we recommend that you provide your business specifications and other details. Through our OEM/ODM customization, we provide matching living room and dining room furniture to fit the atmosphere. Fill out the form today and our experienced design team will take care of your needs.

What Materials Are Used To Manufacture Dining Room Furniture?

We use metal and plastics tested for their durability and functionality in different weather conditions. Metal is corrosion-resistant and can withstand any weather condition, ensuring our furniture lasts through the years. Plastic is lightweight and makes furniture easy to carry to any location while made waterproof and resistant to breaking easily. Clear plastic dining tables and chairs are available on request. We provide more customization options apart from materials, such as color, finishing, design and packaging. With your ideas, we create designer furniture suited to any room style and application.

How About the Quality Of Your Dining Furniture?

Meeting REACH and European standards, our furniture pieces are tested in every step of production. The EN12520 test measures the strength and durability of our office and indoor furniture. We conduct the EN581 test to determine the safety of our outdoor furniture. Non-toxicity and customer safety is guaranteed through the lead content and benzene chemical test.

In evaluating packaging quality, we conduct a carton test to ensure that the packing material secures our furniture products.

Custom Versatile Furniture For Any Room

Fill out the contact form with your ideas today and find the right furniture sets for your room applications.


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