• Metal side chairs 5027 1
  • Stacking metal chairs
  • Dining metal chairs
  • Metal side chairs 5027 1
  • Stacking metal chairs
  • Dining metal chairs

Leisure Iron chairs 5027

Stylish, comfortable, and high quality. These are the best words to describe our metal wire chair that would make a great addition to your home or commercial space. It starts with the choice of manufacturing material. The use of metal wire is intentional because this material is durable and highly resilient. It is flexible so it won’t break or get damaged easily. And yet it is strong so that it can support its maximum weight even with regular use.

Although this design does not have an arm rest, it does have a high and curved back so that you can rest your back comfortably. The metal wire mesh design also ensures comfort for your back by giving it breathability. The wide seats provide the same level of comfort for you when seated, especially for extended periods of time.

This metal wire chair is manufactured using a qualified manufacturing process. Every step is delivered with precision to detail to ensure that you can get the best quality chair for your buck. It has also satisfied certification testing so you can guarantee its quality and performance. Whether used indoor or outdoor, this metal wire chair is a great addition to your space.


  • Stylish design
  • Maximum comfort and support
  • Durable material
  • Versatile use
  • Tested safe and high quality


Material Metal
Dimensions 56L*46W*82.5H*44.5SHcm
Net weight 4.2kgs
Assembly Stacking
color Black ,White, Red,Grey ,Gold
Packing size 70*57*94cm/4pcs
Loading quantity 868pcs/40HQ   356pcs/20GP
Warranty 2 years

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