Why wire side chair can use as outdoor garden furniture?


After this COVID 19 pandemic, Maka furniture is going all out to speed up production and meet the needs of new customers. We have active, efficient and automatic production lines, and we are confident to create higher production capacity to meet customers’ new orders. Please be assured that production will speed up the automation process, rather than at the expense of quality.

We will carry out strict quality inspection and thorough control as always to ensure the good shape of the goods and pass the quality control inspection on the first attempt, so as to save your waiting time and delay the cost. At the same time, we will attach great importance to the safety of our employees, and finally provide customers with safe and high-quality products.

Now, the sales of iron wire chairs are very popular. They almost cover all the indoor, outdoor, home, hotel, wedding, decoration, garden, coffee shop and all the occasions. Most customers will integrate exquisite furniture into modern design.

Most of the customers are used in e-commerce, furniture decoration stores, wholesale and large quantity of imported furniture stores, retail furniture stores, DIY stores, outdoor appliance stores, Christmas gift stores, online B2C shopping, TV shopping, supermarkets, etc

Outdoor garden metal wire chair
Outdoor garden meal wire chair

Traditional outdoor furniture, such as rattan weaving, outdoor washing cloth, outdoor teak, etc., have a common feature, that is, the price is expensive and easy to get dirty, which is very bad for cleaning. The iron wire chair breaks the deadlock, overturns people’s habitual thinking of outdoor furniture, and belongs to a more novel and creative design.

So how can iron products be used outdoors? Can’t it rust? Let’s explain, Outdoor iron wire chairs and chairs will be polished and polished after welding and forming, and then they will be plated with one layer of electrophoresis. This technology is like the antirust treatment of the smooth automobile surface.

What is the difference between electrophoresis and electroplating?

Electroplating: it is the deposition of polymer resin on metal surface. The process of plating a thin layer of other metals or Bai gold on the surface of some metals according to the principle of electrolysis.

Electrophoresis: the deposition of another metal ion on a metal surface. The phenomenon of charged particles (ions) moving in the electric field in solution is called electrophoresis technology, which uses the different moving speed of charged particles in the electric field to achieve separation.

1、 Function

Electroplating is a process of using electrolysis to attach a layer of metal film on the surface of metal or other material parts, so as to prevent metal oxidation (such as corrosion), improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflectance, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) and enhance beauty. Electroplating has a metallic texture.

But electrophoresis is only a high imitation of electroplating, there is still a certain gap in performance and color. Electrophoresis is difficult to make electroplated metal texture.

However: in terms of film uniformity, the film thickness of high and low potential of electrophoretic paint coating is uniform, while that of electroplated coating is uneven. As shown in the figure below:

Electrophoretic coating can completely cover the hidden parts, such as the inner wall and depression, while electroplating generally can not go deep into the hidden places.

Electrophoresis can only be applied to conductive metal surfaces; electroplating can be applied to specially treated plastics in addition to metal surfaces.

2、 Cost

Electroplating is a layer of metal, while electrophoresis is a layer of resin. Compared with electroplating, electrophoresis is simpler and easier to operate. So from the cost, electrophoresis is much cheaper than electroplating.

3、 Environmental protection

Electrophoretic paint uses water as solvent, which has less waste and less environmental pollution.

Electroplating wastewater contains heavy metal ions such as chromium, cadmium, nickel, silver and cyanide, which is easy to cause pollution.

After electrophoresis, three layers of outdoor paint will be sprayed. As we just mentioned, we use environmentally friendly paint without toxic chemicals. UV and UV protection are added to the outdoor paint, and three layers are sprayed, which is more colorful Naturally, the paint has stronger adhesion. For this reason, we specially made the chair outdoor test en581, which has accurate test on the strength and color fastness of the chair for outdoor use. You can see that it belongs to the commercial standard level, so the chair has a double guarantee. First, the electrophoresis does not rust and the outdoor paint does not fade, so you can use it in the outdoor at ease.

In particular, in addition to the family decoration, the most widely used iron wire chairs are outdoor gardens, outdoor restaurants, outdoor cafes, and home balcony combinations. Here are some pictures for outdoor use, which you can see at a glance. In our customer base, especially in Australia and New Zealand, as well as some European customers, the iron wire chairs are outdoor chairs The main products are also more and more popular styles in recent years. Many Southeast Asian, central and South American customers are also increasingly used for outdoor.

Product quality inspection

Let’s explain the quality inspection of the iron wire chair. This part is also concerned by many customers:Because every iron chair will go through 5 times of strict quality inspection,

  1. The first time: after the chair is welded and formed, it is mainly to check whether the welding spot is correct, and whether the welding joint is flat and smooth without bulge.
  2. The second time: whether the chair can be polished and formed, whether the chair frame and chair surface can be assembled accurately and smoothly, whether the screw hole position is not correct and difficult to assemble, whether the cutting part of the chair is polished smoothly without burr, if any point is found, the whole chair will be disassembled and voided.
  3. The third time: after spraying, check whether the spraying part is smooth without bulge, and return to the factory for re spraying in case of missing spraying
  4. The fourth time: before the inner packaging, the workers check one by one again to see whether each chair is welded and whether all parts are painted completely. If there is no problem, the chair is sent to upload and send to the position of the final packaging master.
  5. The fifth time: the packing master uses foam strips to wrap all the leaking parts of the chair, and at the same time, check whether there is any paint leakage.

Every chair is like a cruel test, which is repeatedly and carefully inspected. Our QC and workers will pick out any defective products, so that every product you receive is safe and beautiful. This is also the principle that we always adhere to.

Every part including welding spot, hole position, grinding, paint surface and installation will be carefully inspected. Even if some defects are not found in time, they will be picked out in the repeated inspection of three times, four times and five times, which is why we receive very few quality complaints.

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