What kind of carton can meet the mail order carton standard?

Carton packaging needs to reflect the functions of transportation packaging and sales packaging. In actual transportation, aesthetic features are not the most important, and product protection is the most important.

With the rapid development of domestic and foreign e-commerce enterprises, the logistics industry is becoming more and more popular. As a furniture manufacturing and exporting company, it is currently receiving more and more purchase orders from foreign online companies. During the sales process, they pay great attention to the feedback and evaluation of the most consumers. The most worried problem is Quality complaints from guests. Mail-order cartons are also a major concern. As we have seen in some news before, some well-known foreign express companies violently deliver high-value goods such as home appliances…In fact, “violent logistics” is an unspoken rule of the logistics industry, with too many transfer links and alternate work Among them, the goods cannot always be treated thoughtfully, which is why it is clear that there is no problem with the product, but it is not uncommon for the goods to be damaged at the end of the user. Then, in order to ensure the value of customer express delivery, e-commerce companies have put forward more stringent requirements on the quality of cartons and the protection capabilities of cartons. Then, different types of products determine the size and quality of cartons they need. Today we will tell you about what kind of carton can meet the mail order carton standard?

 1. The quality of the carton

When we want to determine the quality of the packaging carton, the thickness and material of the carton are the two key factors that determine the hardness of the carton. The common carton has three layers and five layers, and of course there are seven thicker layers. The more layers the cartons are thicker. According to different materials, there are corrugated boxes and single-layer cardboard boxes. The three-layer carton is not a simple three-layer flat board, but a two-layer flat board with a corrugated layer in the middle. The thickness of the three-layer carton is enough to carry the weight of a normal adult. The surface is smooth and textured. KK is good, but the price is also very expensive, AA and BB materials, although the hardness is slightly weaker, but with the thickness of five layers, they also have high hardness, which is enough to protect the product from damage. The three layers are divided into Type A, Type B and Type E, with material thicknesses of 4.5 mm, 3 mm, and 1.5 mm respectively. Type A has the highest compressive strength, but it is easily damaged. It is elastic and cushioning. It is used for outer cartons and grid boards. Type B has poor strength, but good stability, flat surface, high pressure on the surface, suitable for printing, used for cartons, boxes, grids, and linings. Type E is thin and dense, light weight and good cushioning, low price, good printing effect, only suitable for exquisite inner packaging, not suitable for outer packaging and cushioning material. The third floor is mostly used for e-commerce sales of clothing, small accessories and other small objects.

The five-layer is three-layer flat and double-corrugated; There are also many kinds of carton materials. Good materials are not only high in hardness, but also light in weight. The poorer materials are often low in hardness and easy to deform; the carton materials on the market are from high to bottom. The order is “KK>KA>KB>AA>AB>BB”, KK material is currently the best material, the cardboard structure of the five-layer corrugated box is made of face paper, lining paper, core paper and two corrugated core papers. Become. Generally divided into AB watts, BE watts, AE watts, the material thickness is 7 mm, 6 mm, and 5 mm respectively. The five-layer has very good cushioning, high strength and hard hardness, which can provide better protection. It is used on large objects with high pressure resistance requirements such as LCD screen air conditioners, refrigerators, TVs, and computers. As a company that produces plastic chairs, plastic tables, wire chairs, and wire tables, MAKA Furniture Company strictly chooses five-layer corrugated packaging for all products.

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2, the box type of carton packaging

Box type refers to the type of box and the size ratio of the same type of box, they have a significant impact on the compressive strength. Some cartons are made of double-layer corrugated cardboard, and their compressive strength is significantly higher than single-layer boxes of the same specification; under the same conditions, the higher the box, the worse the stability and the lower the compressive strength. Therefore, the box type generally uses a uniform cube carton, or uses a triangular carton according to the specific situation of the product, which can ensure the stability and compressive strength of the carton. According to the characteristics of its own products, some times MAKA furniture teams up to its own plastic chairs, plastic table, The wire chairs,metal chairs, uses a special carton “L” carton. When we load the cabinet, two “L” carton boxes are stacked together to form a whole, which greatly saves the cabinet space and protects the safety of the goods. . Even for the special requirements of some customers, such as triangular packaging, we can also try to improve the customer after safety testing according to the actual situation of the product, which greatly saves the customer’s shipping cost.

3, the choice of carton manufacturers

Choosing a carton manufacturer is to understand the basic situation of the manufacturer. First of all, manufacturers need to have advanced carton forming equipment, large-scale die-cutting machinery, which can meet the design and processing of various special-shaped cartons, so that they can tailor their products. Then, the service team must have strong technical force, rich production management experience and technical personnel in the carton packaging industry, which can ensure that the carton factory can efficiently complete the task. In this era of pursuit of efficiency, one step faster is equivalent to having one more business opportunity. 

Sellers can choose different types of cartons according to their own needs. For example, five-layer AA cartons can be used for fragile and valuable items, ordinary items that have been dropped, or the product itself comes with a carton. Three-layer cartons are sufficient. MAKA has always selected professional manufacturers to cooperate, choose imported pure pulp quality, and choose five-layer corrugated with a slightly higher cost. It attaches great importance to the quality of cartons, insists on finding the most suitable and safest packaging for each product, and strives to avoid transportation There is a risk of damage on the way.


For mail-order cartons, the best and most direct and effective way to check the quality is to carry out the drop box test, also known as the “drop box test. The drop box test is an inspection to check the fastness of the box. The general operation is to load the goods. The box is raised to a certain height, and then it is dropped to the ground to see the degree of damage to determine whether it is qualified or not. As a dining chairs, cafe chairs, garden chairs,side table,cafe table,plastic chairs,plastic table,metal chairs,metal table supplier, MAKA Furniture Company strictly abides by this test standard. Now I will introduce the process of the drop box test in detail. And standards.

Then the box drop test (drop test) must first be confirmed as follows:

1) Check the inside of the package and confirm that the product is free of defects before dropping the box.

2) Repack the products in the carton according to the original packaging method.

3) Perform the drop test according to the drop sequence required by the test.

4) After the test, check the product inside the package:

a) Confirm whether the packaging materials are damaged;

b) Check again whether the product is defective, including its appearance and function;

c) Take samples from the critical surface of the drop for inspection;

d) Check the whole box or at least 24pcs products.

Drop height:

The following is the European standard for drop box testing: different cargo weights correspond to different drop heights.


When performing a box drop test, drop the box according to the following sequence:

1) First drop the corner corresponding to the weakest side of the box.

2) Drop the three edges corresponding to the above test angle again.

a) Drop the shortest edge corresponding to the above test angle;

b) Drop the longer edge corresponding to the above test angle;

c) Drop the longest edge corresponding to the above test angle.

3) Finally, the six sides of the box are dropped.

a) Drop any smallest surface of the box;

b) Drop the smallest face of the box above;

c) Drop any middle surface of the box;

d) Drop the box to the medium face of the above medium face to face;

e) Drop any largest surface of the box;

f) The largest face of the above-mentioned largest face of the drop box.

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