What is the new trend of accent chair in 2021 US market?


Accent Chair is indispensable for living room furniture. It is the most important part of furniture life. It can be used in the corridor, living room, bedroom or dining room of home decoration. It can also be matched with sofa to play a very good decorative effect. Now many companies also use Accent Chair in the meeting room of leisure reception hall, which is advanced and comfortable.

There are various styles, sizes and shapes of accent chairs. Today, we focus on the new trends in the American market

1. It can meet various design schemes.

2. Accent chair has the function of leisure chair and unique design style

3. Suitable for bedroom, study, living room, living room, balcony, etc,

4. One of the most popular styles is with back and armrest

5. It is easy to move and can be placed in any position

6. Good comfort, unique design, can match with other home furnishings, play a decorative effect

7. Accent chairs in restaurants account for the largest sales share of accent chairs

So what kind of Accent Chair will be more popular in the U.S. market in 2021? What is the trend of accent chair

Comfortable armrest wing back chair – can relax the body very well, drink tea and coffee are very convenient, with a small Accent Table, small side table, can meet guests, interview, chat, drink tea, read books, relax the body and mind, chair is very comfortable, ergonomics, let your every link and muscle get very good relaxation, at the same time, customers decorative furniture will also have decorative lamps with, Change different colors, and the room overall decoration color and style complement each other. For example, we have the following plastic Accent Chair, which can change different colors, is comfortable and multifunctional. The American market is more inclined to this kind of plastic armrest Accent Chair. The bearing beam of the chair is very high, which can reach 300-500kgs. It can be easily placed in any position of the room, matching with sofa lamps or tables of any material.

This plastic chair with classic pattern decoration on its back is a very popular style in the market in 2021, not only American market and fashion trend is also the most popular style and fashion trend in Europe and other markets. The chair itself is lightweight and can be stacked up, easy to carry, bright lines and unique colors can be matched with any furniture. This atmospheric and classic pattern design with armrest design makes the chair durable, and it is Amazon’s most popular indoor and outdoor accent of the chairs.

The wire chair is a very important part of the interior Accent Chair in the U.S. market. Because of its antique design and classic industrial style, it is very popular in the market. The wire Accent Chair is the largest selling interior chair on Amazon WAYFAIR, which can be used as dining chair or outdoor coffee shop chair, After a long day’s work, back home, a comfortable Accent Chair can relax and let you enjoy the warm family time. This iron wire Accent Chair, with soft leather cushion or other material cushion, can maximize the comfort of the chair. The unique linear structure creates a unique decorative space and shows the effect of open ventilation At the same time, it has design style.

If you feel that your home style needs a little refreshing feeling, the portable plastic chair can relax your mood and make your home style take on a new look. If you want to make your home environment more personalized and unique, the wire chair is a good choice for you,

If you want to know more about our Accent Chair, you can contact us to make the product design and detailed quotation.

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