What is the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Plastic Chairs?


Plastic chairs are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture around. The fact that they are now available in a variety of colors and designs, it adds to its versatility because it can now be utilized for aesthetic and functional purposes. Another example of its versatility is in terms of its use. You might have seen them in use in outdoor and indoor events alike. This is a testament to the material’s ability to adapt to whatever use it is intended for.

Plastic chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. But what is the difference between indoor and outdoor plastic chairs? Or are they interchangeable?

Truth is, indoor and outdoor plastic chairs have a set of differences that make each one suitable for the specific purpose they are made for. It is an important thing to know when you are shopping for plastic chairs so you can get the right one for the job. This will enable you to get more use out of the furniture, maximize the material’s life span, and allow for it to do its job well.

In this article, you will know these key differences as a guide. Use the information provided here to help you find the right plastic chairs from Maka Furniture for any purpose you need them for, whether they are used indoors or outdoors.


When buying indoor and outdoor furniture, the type of material is a primary consideration. In the case of plastic chairs, you can find ones made of polypropylene, which is a type of recycled plastic material that is more durable than the plastic materials you might be used to. This is the reason why this is a primary choice for outdoor furniture are made of recycled plastic since it is more durable and resilient against harsh weather conditions.

When shopping for plastic chair (either for indoor or outdoor use), it is best to know what kind of plastic material is used. Not all kinds of plastic are the same so you need to choose accordingly.

At Maka Furniture, the plastic chairs are manufactured in order to have anti-UV protection in the material. The material is also integrated with anti-aging formula in order to resist fading of colors. With the additional process involved in the manufacture of outdoor plastic chairs, you can rest assured that it will remain resilient even in harsh weather conditions, especially when you use the chairs in an area with direct exposure to the sun.

Outdoor furniture and chairs, in general, are built to weather the elements. While there are some other materials that are recommended for outdoor use, such as metal or stainless steel, they lack the aesthetic appeal and style that plastic chairs have to offer. Therefore, you can find more commercial and business spaces that rely on plastic chairs for outdoor use because they tend to deliver the functionality of outdoor furniture without compromising on the style.

Other features that make the materials for outdoor furniture use different than the ones suited for indoor use include resistance to water, rust, and wind. At the same time, outdoor furniture must be easy to arrange and store for when it is necessary. While there are some other materials such as wrought iron, stainless steel, metal, teak, cement, and synthetic resin that can offer these same qualities for outdoor use, plastic chairs remain the most affordable option of them all.

Maintenance and Care

Natural materials such as wood and wicker are good to look at for outdoor use. However, they are prone to damage especially when exposed to the sun and rain. Wood, in particular, must be treated in order for it to be suitable for outdoor use. With plastic chairs, however, they do not need additional treatment. As long as you give them proper care, they can be suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Plastic chairs used mainly for outdoor seating require extra maintenance, though. This will ensure that they can last for a long time and they can maintain their structural integrity for a long time (versus those used indoors).

On the other hand, plastic chairs that are used indoors do not require a lot of maintenance. You can wipe it clean as you would any other pieces of furniture in your indoor space. Also, the frequency of maintenance might not be as often as it is with outdoor plastic chairs.

When it comes to caring for outdoor plastic chairs, clean it as often as needed in order for it to maintain its quality and shape. Preventive maintenance is a good way to protect your investment. You donot need to use any specialized cleaning solutions or tools. A clean cloth that is made damp can be used to get rid of dirt or debris that has collected on the surface. Otherwise, it will have a rather short lifespan.


One of the most noticeable differences between indoor and outdoor plastic chairs is their appearance. First and foremost, plastic chairs for indoor use are available in a variety of funky designs and color options. They make a great choice for businesses and commercial spaces that wanted to liven up their ambiance and interior décor. They still provide the comfort and functionality that you come to expect from any indoor furniture but they also pack extra style to make your space stand out. After all, your choice of furniture is important as part of your business branding.

On the other hand, outdoor plastic chairs are built more for their function (although you can now find many stylish outdoor furniture designs, too). The ones designed for outdoor use are more rugged so they blend well with outdoor spaces and to showcase their resilience to the natural elements.

You can still add aesthetic enhancement to outdoor plastic chairs if you want to make your business’ outdoor space enticing to your customers, such as the case with restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating options. You can add fabric coverings, cushions, and throw pillows to provide an aesthetic accent to the furniture pieces.

Plastic Chairs for Indoor-Outdoor Use

Plastic chairs, or furniture in general, have greatly evolved since they were first introduced into the market. The advancement in technology in furniture manufacturing has made this possible, too. While there was a time when plastic chairs have established a negative reputation, this is no longer the case. The material is now among the most sought after ones in the furniture industry mainly for its versatility.

Indeed, plastic chairs are no longer just limited for indoor use alone (or for outdoor use, and vice versa). As long as you give it proper care and maintenance, it can work for any setting. This flexibility is an advantage for commercial use and businesses that rely on furniture as part of their business function. You can stretch the value of your money because you can get plastic chair for both types of usage. At the same time, it is worth noting that plastic furniture is more affordable than other types of materials such as wicker or wood.

Plastic chairs are resilient, impact-resistant, fade-resistant, and durable. These are some of the qualities that you can expect when you invest in plastic chairs for indoor or outdoor us. It’s no wonder why there are many restaurants, office spaces, and other commercial entities that have invested on them because they give more value to your money.

Indeed, it is one of those rare materials that are suited for indoor-outdoor use. This is a practical investment given the current trend that features a blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces. You can take advantage of this particular trend in order to transform your space and make it stand out from competition. It is also crucial to the guest experience, particularly for businesses in the hospitality industry such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Your ability to make guests feel welcome and keep them comfortable can benefit your business in the long run.

When you choose plastic chairs and furniture from Maka Furniture(www.bzmaka.com), you can expect the same. Our manufacturing process meets global quality standards so you can rest assured that you get good value out of your investment. This also gives added incentive for choosing plastic chairs because they can give you more flexibility in terms of their use, rather than having the need to purchase indoor and outdoor spaces separately.

What are the things you look for when shopping for indoor and outdoor furniture? Do you think plastic chairs are a good choice for either of these purposes? Be sure to visit our website to choose from a variety of designs that can be used for indoor and outdoor décor for your business or commercial space.

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