What is the difference between indoor and outdoor iron chairs?


Indoor and outdoor leisure iron chairs have different functional requirements. In different environments, people naturally have different requirements for sitting on a chair for leisure.

For example, living indoors, in addition to comfort, the chair is also very versatile. It can be used for sitting or decoration. Since it creates a more intimate and warm feeling, enriching the design of the living room or dining room. Indoor chairs can also be used as office chairs or lounge chairs for people to relax, allowing people to stretch their limbs to their fullest and relax the whole body. Outdoor leisure chairs require more functions. First of all, they are rainproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof, easy to install, easy to stack and store, and used by multiple people. They are placed in parks, communities, courtyards, restaurants or scenic spots, roadsides and other outdoor areas with people a place for outdoor cooling and resting. Now it has become a piece of indispensable common furniture for every household.

As a professional manufacturer of indoor and outdoor metal chairs, one question is often asked: “what is the difference between iron chairs used indoors and iron chairs used outdoors?”

Let me answer this question for you below.

1. First of all, the coating of the chair is different.

The biggest difference in the coating between indoor iron chairs and outdoor iron chairs. The raw material weight of the blanks is the same. The rough iron chairs in the room are powder sprayed after being sandblasted. The rough of the outdoor iron chair doesn’t need sandblasting process, it is acid leaching directly, then E-coating spraying, and finally outdoor powder spraying. So, it can be seen that outdoor iron chairs have one more E-coating process than indoor iron chairs. Because the most basic requirement of outdoor chairs is the anti-rust treatment of the chair, and E-coating bears this important responsibility, which can effectively prevent moisture and rust. Outdoor chairs must also have this E-coating process. The E-coating is mainly to spray a layer of transparent film on the iron chair for protection, all this process is impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. As a result, it is difficult to distinguish between an indoor iron chair and an outdoor iron chair.

2. Secondly, the configuration of the chair is different.

The second obvious difference is the configuration. Indoor iron chairs and outdoor iron chairs have different cushion configurations. Indoors usually use conventional PU cushions, while outdoor iron chairs usually match outdoor waterproof cushions. Of course, there are many options for cushion configuration. For example, our standard configuration usually refers to an ordinary single-sided PU cushion, but it can also be made into a double-sided PU cushion. Similarly, waterproof cushion cushions also have different choices of single-sided and double-sided. Usually, there are more double-sided waterproof cushions for outdoor selection. Different regional countries have different needs. For example, the United Kingdom and the United States have different import standards. Of course, in addition to the standard cushion, customers can also choose not to customize the cushion, which is also a good choice.

3. Finally, the price of the chair is different.

Above we mentioned the difference between indoor iron chairs and outdoor iron chairs, which is mainly reflected in the anti-rust E-coating technology and cushion configuration. These two points have reached our third difference, the price of the chair is different. Outdoor wire chairs have one more E-coating anti-rust process than indoor wire chairs, so the cost price will naturally increase. In terms of configuration, the price of an outdoor waterproof cushion is twice that of an ordinary PU cushion. If you need British standard or American standard PU, sponge and fabric, the price of the cushion will increase by a few dollars. Therefore, buyers often ask why the outdoor price is higher than the indoor price? The difference is here.

All in all, there is no difference in the material and weight of indoor and outdoor iron chairs. They are mostly the same mold, the same blank and the same material and weight. The only difference is that the configuration is higher-end, and an E-coating anti-rust process is added for outdoor metal chairs, and outdoor waterproof cushions are available for your choice. Therefore, the price of outdoor metal chairs is slightly higher.

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