The Popularity of Polypropylene in Furniture Manufacturing


The choice of material in furniture manufacturing is one of the most important decisions that furniture makers have to make. This choice will determine the actual cost of the production process (and the resulting price for the furniture) and the quality of the end product. Even for mass-produced furniture, this is important to consider so you do not compromise the quality of the furniture at the end of the production process.

Polypropylene is one type of material that is growing in popularity in the industry. Find out why it is a top choice for global furniture makers and why it is a good choice for consumers.

A Quick Note on Polypropylene Material

Choosing the best furniture material in today’s market can be a challenge. The furniture must not only be durable and functional, it should also be resilient and sustainable. The technology used in the mass production of furniture has made it possible to achieve the highest level of standard in furniture manufacturing.

Polypropylene is a type of plastic polymer material that was first discovered in 1951. After its discovery, it quickly rose in popularity as a material for many types of products due to its unique characteristics that offered lots of useful functionalities. In particular, its use in the manufacturing industry grew rapidly. Today, it is among the most widely used material in the manufacturing industry with up to 50 million metric tons produced per year.

Polypropylene is also highly used in furniture manufacturing because it can be melted and deformed when exposed to high temperatures. Once cooled, the material hardens. This makes it possible the use injection molding for furniture manufacturing. The material remains rigid after cooling and it stays lightweight.

Nowadays, polypropylene material is the most widely used plastic for the creation of different products. The furniture industry is the one industry that gets the most use of it.

Market Size of Polypropylene Furniture

In 2019, the estimated market size of plastic furniture (which includes ones made with polypropylene materials) is valued at USD 12.37 billion. This market estimate grew from the previous year’s value (2018) of USD 11.9 billion.

Experts in the furniture manufacturing industry forecast the continued growth in the market size of the polypropylene furniture market. The 5-year forecast period that lasts until 2025 predicts that the polypropylene and plastic furniture market will have a CAGR of 3.9%. The revenue forecast for this furniture market in 2025 is at USD 15.48 billion.

The scope of the market forecast applies to regions from all over the world including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central, and South America, Africa, and the Middle East. The same trend is seen at both the commercial and residential furniture manufacturing industries.

The residential demand for plastic chairs and furniture has been consistently strong, but the commercial demand for these types of furniture is seen as the main source of growth. The hospitality and real estate sectors, specifically, are seeing a boost in demand for plastic furniture due to its lightweight quality, flexibility, versatility, and multi-functional use. The portability of this type of furniture is also suited for both large and small spaces.

Benefits of Polypropylene Furniture

The market size of polypropylene furniture is definitely on the rise. For decades, wood and metal furniture has dominated the industry and plastic is finally taking over. It is no longer limited to commercial furnishings as the wide array of designs available makes it suitable for aesthetic options for homes and residential spaces.

The following are some of the benefits of choosing polypropylene furniture that has helped fuel its growth.

1. Resistance to damage

The ability to resist damage and the harmful effects of the elements is one of the primary reasons why polypropylene is a popular choice in furniture manufacturing. The main characteristic of the material is its resilience. It is unique because it has the ability to bend without snapping easily unlike other materials in the market.

It is also this same characteristic that makes it suitable for injection molding. It can be melted under high temperature and then shaped into any design you want. Meanwhile, its resilience to damage makes it an ideal choice for outdoor or patio furniture. This type of furniture can withstand damage from high or low temperature.

2. Insulation

The use of polypropylene material is also gaining popularity due to its resistance to electrical charges. For this reason, polypropylene is used not just in furniture manufacturing but also in electronics.

3. Chemical Resistance

Polypropylene is a material that won’t easily suffer damage when exposed to various types of chemicals. It can hold up well against acidic and alkaline materials. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the chair getting damaged when exposed to harsh cleaning materials.

4. Strong and Durable

The practicality of investing in polypropylene furniture is attributed to its strong and durable characteristic. This type of material is strong and durable so it gives you a longer lifespan. It could save you money in the long run since you no longer have to replace it every few years.

5. Environmentally Friendly

The most important reason why polypropylene furniture has risen in popularity in recent years is due to its minimal environmental impact. This material is recyclable. All you have to do is melt the material and then it can be reshaped into another object through the process of molding. It can retain its quality and performance when you recycle it for up to 6 times. If you care about the environment and want to reduce waste, then you will definitely make a smart choice with this type of furniture. It is good for the economy and the planet; definitely a win-win choice.

It’s clear that polypropylene furniture is here to stay. It is projected as the new choice of material for furniture manufacturers in both commercial and residential applications. If you are looking for a practical investment, then you will definitely get a lot of value out of this type of furniture.

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