Resin Furniture Is Here to Stay: Why This is The Next Furniture Trend


Over the recent years, furniture makers and manufacturers have created new ways to use resin and other sustainable materials. While there is a growing trend in terms of demand towards eco-friendly furniture, it is undeniable that resin furniture is capturing the attention of consumers for more reasons than one. This material is known for its defining characteristics that have created many unique and outstanding furniture pieces. It’s clear that resin furniture is more than a trend – it is here to stay.

Discover more about what this furniture is about and why you need to pay attention. Maka Furniture is one of the top resin furniture manufacturers in China and the nearby region. If you want to get on this trend, take time to learn more about it and how you can choose the right furniture for your home or business.

Introduction to Resin Furniture

When they were first introduced to the market, resin furniture was looked at as an alternative to wooden furniture. They were mainly manufactured for outdoor use. The reason for this is that resin furniture has distinct similarities to wood in terms of its appearance. However, resin has the advantage of being easier to care for and maintain than wooden materials. Whereas wooden furniture must be treated and repainted every few years, there was no need for that when it comes to resin. This is the main reason why they are popular for outdoor furniture use.

Natural resin is a natural substance that is secreted by various types of plants. It can be in solid or semisolid form. It is also a popular product used in the manufacture of various items. When it comes to resin furniture, though, the main material used is in synthetic form. There is no noticeable difference between the synthetic and natural version and they have a lot of properties in common. The synthetic version is one of the primary ingredients used for the manufacture of plastic.

Therefore, resin furniture is an eco-friendly option for consumers who wanted to contribute to reducing the deforestation. By switching to resin as a material for the manufacture of plastic chairs, the amount of trees that needed to be cut down to produce furniture is reduced significantly. It is also a suitable alternative not just for reducing environmental waste, but also in the production of high quality and durable furniture.

Wood plastic composite is another type of material that is derived from thermoplastic materials such as PVC, PE, or PLA. Like resin, this has grown in popularity as it is sustainable and cost-efficient. By opting for renewable wood and recycled plastic material for furniture, consumers need not be concerned about the mass production of plastic to make furniture since they are sustainably made.

Resin furniture is not just your average plastic chair. If you look up resin furniture in the market, you will find that their appearance is similar to painted wood furniture. Resin furniture are now used to manufacture of wide range of products such as chairs, rockers, tables, swings, and more. You can also purchase them in different sizes, colors, and shapes. If you are looking to buy eco-friendly furniture, you can choose ones made with resin material without compromising on the style options available. It is all about finding the ideal resin furniture manufacturer that can provide you with the style you want at a reasonable price.

Resin Furniture: More Than a Trend

When you first heard about the term resin furniture, you might have found it confusing. How is it different from plastic furniture? Are there any differences at all?

Resin furniture that is found in the market feature vibrant colors, eye-popping designs, and unique shapes. The advancement in technology when it comes to furniture making has made this possible. Manufacturing techniques such as injection molding has opened up possibilities in terms of what you can do with this material. It seems as though there is no design so unique and out of this world for furniture makers to accomplish. This is why resin furniture has been popping up on social media because they are very in vogue and a great way to showcase one’s style.

One might think that just because resin is a material used for making plastic that it is not good for the environment. In reality, it is quite the opposite – resin is a synthetic material that is used for making plastic. That plastic is, in turn, used for the manufacture of furniture pieces. By opting for this type of material, you discourage the utilization of natural resources such as wood so as to lessen the negative impact on the environment.

Resin is a type of substance that is easily converted from liquid into a solid substance (or vice versa). Of course, it will require the use of some other materials and complex processes during the manufacture of this substance. This trend is a long time coming. It was way back in 2014 when it was first predicted by style experts in Vogue to be a hot commodity. Since then, there are more designers and furniture manufacturers that have turned to this material to create their winning pieces. This material opens up many possibilities for these designers to transform their vision into a reality – that’s how versatile resin is!

For this reason, resin furniture are typically made to order, although you can find traditional designs if you simply want something that is functional. If you opt for the customized ones, though, you can expect to shell out more cash for them. But given the eye-catching results, you know that these pieces are splurge-worthy!

One of the most interesting uses of resin in furniture making is by blending it with wooden or other natural materials. This particular approach to the design process has opened up many possibilities that were never possible before. The process goes like this: a mold for the furniture is created and then wood and other materials are integrated into that mold. The plastic resin is poured into the mold so that it will fit into the nooks and crannies of the mold wherein it is allowed to cool for a few minutes to hours. Once the resin has completely cooled, the mold is removed to reveal the newly formed furniture with the shape that is fitted according to the mold.

This is one of the most in demand ways to incorporate resin into furniture making simply because it is rustic and stylish. If you want to opt for the more edgy and modern look, you can also choose furniture that are created into different shapes and colored with vibrant shades to make them pop. Whatever it is you choose, it is clear that resin will be the new favorite material for furniture manufacturers. It is easy to work with, versatile, and stylish. In fact, you can use the material to create different furniture styles that suit a wide range of interior design. It is a great way to add a splash of color to your space or to add an accent detail.

If you have no idea how to incorporate resin furniture into your home décor, you can browse social media (particularly Instagram) for ideas and inspiration.

Resin furniture is more than just a trend – it encompasses a new age of furniture making that boasts of a contemporary style. This gives homeowners and business owners the opportunity to incorporate eye-popping design into their interior with furniture that is known for its durability but without the negative impact to the environment. It’s these characteristics that have made it so popular and experts predict that will be the case in the years to come.

Liquid Plastic vs Resin

If you search resin tables on Google, you will be presented with several ideas that you can choose from. This type of furniture is stylish and unique – a great option for those who are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces.

First and foremost, it is important to define the difference between natural and synthetic resin. As mentioned above, natural resin is that liquid substance that is secreted by most plants. This thick liquid is often secreted by trees that had been cut down. Using this natural substance for furniture making is not only expensive, but it is also very difficult to produce the amount you need. Because of this synthetic resin was created in order to mimic the properties of natural resin. This makes it easier to manufacture in higher volumes for furniture manufacturing, as well as jewelry making.

Resin is, therefore, use as a catch-all term in the furniture manufacturing industry to refer to any viscous liquid that is hardened to achieve the texture of plastic. They are most commonly referred to as epoxy resin in the market although they are available in various forms and sizes. Synthetic resin possesses qualities such as versatility and strength that makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Liquid plastic is a type of resin material that is popular in furniture making. The use of liquid plastic in making furniture has enabled the pieces to attain next-level durability since it comes with a semi-flexible quality. It will not break or get damaged easily.

Choosing High Quality Resin Furniture

If you are shopping around for high quality outdoor furniture that is made with environmentally friendly materials like resin, then you need to know what to look for. If you shop and put in resin furniture in your search, you will be presented with many options, especially as this is one of the most commonly used materials for furniture making. How do you choose? Here are some tips for you to keep in mind in order to find high quality resin furniture for indoor or outdoor use:

  • When choosing high quality resin furniture, first you have to consider where you intend to put it. Obviously, you will have to take into account different factors in choosing indoor furniture versus outdoor furniture. For outdoor furniture use, make sure that the item is clearly labeled as made for outdoor use. This type of material can withstand harsh weather conditions. Thankfully, resin is a material that is naturally resilient. Plus, it is easy to maintain so you can expect it to last even when used in an outdoor setting.
  • Another tip for choosing high quality resin furniture is to check the quality of craftsmanship. You can do that by doing a research on the best resin furniture manufacturers. The longer the manufacturer has been in the industry, the more confident you will become when it comes to choosing them. You will be able to check the reviews online or have a track record to look into when you want to determine the quality of their furniture craftsmanship.
  • Check for the presence of UV inhibitors. While resin is a material that is resilient to the elements, it is important that you choose furniture that is protected against the harsh UV rays of the sun. UV inhibitors in resin furniture can help prolong the life of the said furniture, especially when used in an outdoor setting. It is also designed to boost the overall quality of the product since you can expect it to be more durable and long-lasting.
  • Choose only the best resin outdoor furniture manufacturers. It is your job to look into the background of the plastic chair company you choose based on their years of experience in the industry, furniture offerings, and quality assurance. While it is advantageous if you can find a plastic chair wholesaler that can give you competitive prices, it is important to consider the quality of the products first. If they have satisfied quality assurance testing on their furniture, then you can guarantee that their pieces are made with world-class standard. In addition, go for manufacturers that can provide you with a wide array of styles to choose from so you can find pieces that match your interior (or outdoor) decorating needs.

At Maka Furniture, you can find a wide variety of products made with high quality plastic, such as those manufactured using synthetic resin. We are among the notable and reliable resin furniture manufacturers in China and nearby region. For this reason, you can browse our website if you are looking for high quality indoor and outdoor furniture made with resin materials, then you will be spoiled for options. Don’t forget to browse our website to see your options.

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