Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2021 and Beyond


As one of the leaders in furniture manufacturing, Maka Furniture (www.bzmaka.com)has consistently produced outdoor furniture pieces that combine style, functionality, and quality. These are qualities that are more important when choosing outdoor furniture because the elements they are exposed to are much different than for interior use. At the same time, you have to consider the prevailing trends in the industry so you are inspired to make them your own. Before you go shopping for patio chairs and outdoor furniture, let’s explore the key trends that will dominate the industry this coming year.

Monochrome Ideas

If you love to browse interior décor magazines and Pinterest, you will notice one particular prevalent trend – white or neutral furniture themes. This has paved the way for monochromatic ideas to become popular not just because of the uniformity but the minimalist and crisp aesthetic it brings to any space. If you think that they are only suited for interior spaces, think again.

Nowadays, you can find many of the monochromatic plastic patio chair and plastic patio table in modern decks and patios. The synchronicity of colors makes it more appealing and eye-catching. At the same time, it epitomizes subtle yet elegant style because it brings focus to the furniture. Whether you like white, neutral, black, or grey, sticking to a single monochromatic color will create subtle impact to your outdoor space.

A Sense of Inside

There was a time when the essence of outdoor furniture is brought inside the home. Nowadays, you will see a reverse of this trend – well, at least for 2021 and beyond. Gone are the cheap plastic chairs plastic stackable chairs of the past. Homeowners are craving the comfort of the indoor space in an outdoor setting. Thus, investing in high quality outdoor and patio furniture is a priority. It also helps to install these furniture pieces in an area wherein you can get easy access between the outdoor and indoor spaces. This makes the living space highly expandable since you can get access to both whenever desired.

While style remains an important aspect of investing in polypropylene chair for outdoor use, comfort and quality will also be a consideration.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

In recent years, there is a growth in the green movement with more people opting for green choices in every aspect of their life. Indeed, homeowners are consciously choosing furniture manufacturers who are using environmentally friendly materials.

At Maka Furniture, you can find plenty of eco-friendly and sustainable options in a variety of styles. When decorating your outdoor space, it is time to think about the sustainability of your choices. There is a growing demand for natural materials such as teak, wicker, or timber. In fact, there is a growing market for reclaimed wood. You can expect this trend to continue in the next few years and it won’t wane soon.

Eco-friendly furnishings undeniably make a positive impact to the environment. But there is also a certain rustic and natural appeal exuded by natural materials. Thus, it is like hitting two birds at once.

Cottage Style

Creating an outdoor space, whether in the form of a patio or deck, is designed to allow you to spend more time in nature. Thus, there is a growing trend in homes that link the outdoor space to their garden. When styling your outdoor space for 2021 and beyond, it is a good idea to choose plastic furniture stackable chairs that feature the cottage style.

The cottage style outdoor furniture trend is also a great way to enhance outdoor space for business, particularly in the hospitality business. A good example would be hotels or exclusive resorts. A great outdoor space is an integral part of your business so you can keep customers satisfied. A beautifully curated garden with a well-decorated outdoor space complete with outdoor furniture is going to attract potential guests.

Furthermore, designing a cottage style outdoor space complete with the essential furniture adds a romantic appeal to your hotel, inn, or cottage. Simple romantic touches can definitely wow your guests and create a sense of fairy-tale magic.

Unique Shapes

Stepping out of the norm as far as outdoor furniture design is concerned is going to be a trend in 2021 and beyond. Throw everything you think you know about outdoor modern dining chairs. Nowadays, unique shapes and designs will be making headlines. From curvaceous designs to geometric shapes, there are endless possibilities waiting to be explored. The more unique the shapes are, the better as they help to add character to your outdoor space.

It is important for businesses like restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, AirBnBs, and shopping malls to have a desirable outdoor space. It helps to attract guests and/or customers to your business. By choosing this uniquely designed furniture, you will make the space a crucial aspect of your branding and marketing efforts. It is also a great spot for social media photo opportunities. With a beautifully curated outdoor space, you will invite guests and customers to take photos on the spot and post them to social media. In a way, you are encouraging them to create user-generated content for your business.

Luxe-Boho Vibes

Creating a beautiful outdoor space for your home or business does not mean that it should take a lot of time, money, and effort. You can keep it simple and low maintenance. The luxe boho trend is one of the most talked about trends for the upcoming year when it comes to outdoor furniture and décor. The goal is to keep the design concept minimal while choosing the right pieces to incorporate.

The addition of comfortable white plastic chairs stackable dining chairs and furniture can complete the easy vibe of the outdoor space. The idea is to incorporate clean lines and subtle colors, just what luxe boho is about. In addition to comfortable furniture that you can lounge in, low maintenance plants should make the whole setup work.

Flexible Spaces 

One of the top trends for the coming year is that there is a blur between the interior and outdoor space. To facilitate this, it is important to invest in quality furniture that will work in both types of environment. It should be elegant and luxurious enough to elevate an interior space but must be of good quality and resiliency to be used in an outdoor space. Quality should be given a point of emphasis to ensure that it can withstand any type of weather or season.

Another area that renders flexibility to outdoor furniture is in its use of year-round furnishings. From vibrant cushions to stylish pergolas, the small details can definitely liven up the space. For businesses, it is a great way to invite people outside – whether it is for al fresco dining for restaurants or outdoor decks for hotels. Your goal is to make your customers love every square inch of space that you have to offer.

If you are looking to make your outdoor space a pivotal part of your business, then make sure you invest in high quality outdoor furniture. Whether you are looking for stackable polypropylene chair or any other furniture material, your investment can go a long way if it means more business in the long run. For residential spaces, it can provide you an additional living space and bring some aspect of outdoor living into your home.

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