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With the acceleration of economic globalization, both in the domestic market and international market, the competition in all walks of life is increasingly fierce, the furniture industry is no exception, since the ancient times, it is the necessary articles for daily use. In order to adapt to the current situation, we, MAKA Furniture as a specialist in the production of outdoor furniture, are becoming more and more aware of the importance of this.

What is outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture refers to a series of appliances setting up in open or semi-open outdoor space to facilitate people’s healthy, comfortable and efficient public outdoor activities compared with indoor furniture. It mainly covers four kinds of products: urban public outdoor furniture, garden outdoor leisure furniture, commercial outdoor furniture, portable outdoor furniture and so on. In outdoor furniture, considering the weather, using the complexities of nature will be higher than the requirement of indoor furniture.  

The categories of outdoor furniture

-Plastic furniture is made of polypropylene, the advantages of plastic chairs are obvious in the process of use, first of all, plastic chairs are very light, both in unloading and transportation are very convenient, and such chairs can be stacked together, the area is very small to save space. This is mainly some of its advantages in storage. Secondly, the price of plastic chair is relatively cheap than the other outdoor furniture. We can buy a few more to spare.Plastic can be through injection molding and adding colored solvents and other processes to produce strange shape, rich color outdoor furniture; wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-conductive, heat transfer and other properties, suitable for all kinds of outdoor environment requirements. However, plastic by sunlight, wind and rain and other natural forces for a long time after easy to cause aging, brittle problems. A new type of plastic — low density polyethylene resin can effectively make up for this defect. This material has the advantages of high flexibility, wide range of temperature use, excellent puncture resistance, tear resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance and furthermore production process improvement, such as UV anti-aging, glass fiber etc. Putting them into the material to protect from sunshine. So, it can be used for outdoor. The plastic surface smooth and delicate, with high strength, good flexibility, strong permeability, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, moisture and heat resistance, anti-mildew, not easy to dry crack deformation, not easy to fade.

-Metal wire furniture is made of iron, it is new type of furniture, which can be used in outdoor too. With the rise of “green revolution” in iron and steel industry and the promotion of “zero energy consumption” production technology, metal materials from selection to production process and elimination after use will not bring waste of resources to society, nor will they have an unfriendly impact on the ecological environment. It is a resource product that can be reused and continuously developed. In recent years, the metal wire chairs got rapidly development, not only its advantage is tough and durable, exquisite style, personalized but also its wide range of use such as indoor and outdoor use. If metal wire furniture outdoor use, how to prevent it from rust, E-coating has excellent anti-corrosion, anti-rust function, excellent quality and high degree of environmental protection on, is higher than ordinary paint, outdoor metal furniture if you want to maintain the quality of electrophoretic advice. Furthermore, it does not contain formaldehyde.
waterproof and moisture proof. It is good choice for your lovely home.

-PE rattan is common use rattan. True rattan furniture easy to crack deformation. Raw materials are not easy to get. The PE rattan is suitable for outdoor use.

-The next one furniture is the aluminum furniture. Material is divided into sand casting and die casting two processes. The surface of sand casting is rough, the strength and hardness are low. Die casting products have high dimensional accuracy, no porosity defects, smooth and delicate surface, strength is 25~30% of sand cast aluminum. So, consumers in choosing outdoor use of furniture, it is best to choose die-casting molding cast aluminum furniture. Cast aluminum furniture is generally used in outdoor dining tables or garden leisure tables and chairs.

-The last one wooden furniture, but the wood furniture mentioned here is generally used with high oil content wood, such as teak, and the surface is painted with anti-corrosive paint. We all know that the real wood is easy to rot, expand and deform after moisture absorption, so the service life is very short, and it is generally used for outdoor maintenance. Even so, to tell the truth, the service life of wood outdoor furniture cannot be compared with the above materials. This is why wood furniture is less used outdoors.


Founded in 2013, Maka Furniture is a indoor and outdoor furniture manufacturer offering customers the inspiration, expertise and products to create a home they like. Its wide range of products covers garden,home furniture, kitchens and living room etc.MAKA has more than 300 types of different models and series, leisure chairs and tables, bar stool etc. And also customized of support a variety of colors,specification design, and individual needs export to inclusive of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, USA,Europe etc. In order to provide our all clients with better services and make our clients to know more about our factory, Our factory became a member of BSCI for years ago and passed the test to meet many clients’ needs in different countries.BSCI( Business Social Standards Certification)- The Business Social Compliance Initiative,BSCI is an initiative for business to comply with social responsibility organizations (” BSCI”) to implement a unified process to monitor and promote the social responsibility performance of companies producing related products through continuous improvement of development policies. In order to meet our special clients’ needs, we also joined the member of SEDEX and prepared for the inspection soon and update the information in our website.

Quality outdoor furniture

We, MAKA Furniture, is specializing in outdoor and indoor furniture for years, All of our furniture produced (plastic chairs/tables, metal wire chairs/tables etc.) had been passed the outdoor test EN12520/EN581 and REACH test to ensure the quality. Maka Furniture has a strict quality inspection system, from the purchase of raw materials to the early medium and late inspection, sampling inspection and regular training to workers on furniture quality. To ensure that every chair/table exported is  quality product.Choosing us is your best choice. At last,We developed more than 20model patent chairs in 2021. Follow our website: you will find more chance in the new year 2021.

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