How long is the lifetime of plastic furniture?


Mentioned of furniture, everyone is familiar with it very well. Furniture has been a necessity of people’s life since ancient times, while pursuing practicality, it also plays a great role in decoration. Furniture varieties, specifications are diverse. Developed in recent years, with the strengthening of international trade and exchanges, on the basis of traditional Chinese furniture, furniture has been injected with more elements and culture.

There are many kinds of furniture.

1.According to style, it can be divided into modern furniture, European classical furniture, American furniture, Chinese classical furniture etc.

2. According to the materials used, the furniture is divided into: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, soft furniture, rattan furniture, metal furniture, steel and wood furniture,plastic furniture and other material combinations such as glass, ceramics, fiber fabrics, resins and so on.

3. According to the function of furniture, it can be divided into: office furniture, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, dining room furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture and so on.

4. Furniture classification by structure : completed furniture, dis-assembly furniture, folding furniture, combination furniture etc.

5.According to the classification of furniture products can be divided into: high-grade, middle-grade, low-grade furniture.  

Among these furniture, with the development of furniture market these years, the advantages of plastic furniture’s practicability and economy,durability

are more and more prominent,Especially its lifetime from developing trend in future furniture , why say so? First of all, in terms of material properties, Plastic furniture is a kind of new property furniture, it is bright color, different shape, light and compact, wide application, easy maintenance to become the majority of consumers like, in modern furniture, this new material is made by the model into a chair, or pressed into a variety of film, as a soft furniture mask, There are also plastic hoses of various colors wrapped in steel pipe into a soft chair.

Now, introducing more about plastic furniture.

First, from the material: The main component of plastic furniture is polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic resin made from propylene polymerization. It is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless milky high crystal polymer.

Second, The role of plasticizers is to improve the fluidity, softness, rigidity and brittleness of plastics and to make them easy to process and form. Plasticizer should be well mixed with resin, small volatility, non-toxic, photothermal stability and non-flammable.

Third,Stabilizers act to prevent the deterioration and decomposition of plastics due to heat, oxygen and light during processing and use in order to prolong the life of plastics. Stabilizers include antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers and heat stabilizers. Stabilizer in the plastic molding process should not decompose, water resistance, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, easy to mix with resin.

Forth, The effect of colorants is to give certain colour to plastics. Colorants are also divided into inorganic pigments and organic pigments. Inorganic pigments are stable, but opaque, poor dyeing; transparent plastics need to be matched with organic dyes to make them colorful.

Based on the above component analysis, plastic furniture is destined to have a long service life, generally speaking, 3-5years is no problem, if under the premise of quality assurance, normal use plus proper maintenance, then the service life of plastic furniture will reach more than 10 years, then how is the quality of plastic furniture qualified? In addition to the requirements of material mentioned above, scientific proportion, and more importantly, the quality test of finished products is more important,Therefore, all products of MAKA Furniture have been tested by SGS and INTERTEK, such as EN12520 and EN581 test.Testing of the performance, safe, fatigue and outdoor furniture use, contract use etc.To ensure the lifetime of plastic chair (including indoor and outdoor use).  

Plastic furniture can be seen everywhere in life, it is a common and often used in a kind of furniture articles for daily use, and the variety is diverse, the maintenance of several common plastic furniture is introduced. Because plastic furniture has the characteristics of moisture-proof, light and easy to clean, it has the advantages of water resistance, wear resistance, scrub resistance and so on.

1. Plastic furniture should be washed with ordinary detergent, pay attention not to touch objects, do not wash with metal brush.

2. Polypropylene furniture, light resistance, oil, but poor hardness, should prevent collision and knife tip and other hard objects scratch, if there is cracking, which can be repaired by hot melt method, no glue to stick.

Plastic furniture has excellent performance, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications (with UV protection) it has long lifetime, durable, but easy to repair damage, can be repaired by hot melt adhesive. Use should prevent bearing overload and accidental fracturing, scratch. When buying plastic furniture, pay attention to the main ingredients of plastic furniture, use as far as possible to avoid improper use behavior (load capacity of plastic chairs is generally about 300 kg), even low-cost plastic furniture can be used easily. Compared with other furniture, like wood furniture, fabric furniture, leather furniture etc. Plastic furniture is more easy to keep Maintenance and have more long lifetime.That’s why the plastic furniture is getting more and more popular.You can visit us

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