Universal Square Table- EUIPO Report

Nov 11th, 2021

Good news from MAKA Furniture, We developed a series of plastic tables and got EUIPO reports.

Some introduction of our factory, indoor and outdoor furniture manufacturer offering customers the inspiration, expertise and products to create a home they like. Its wide range of products covers garden,home furniture, kitchens and living room etc.MAKA has more than 300 types of different models and series, leisure chairs and tables, bar stool etc. 

This series of tables are made of polypropylene material, which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use with UV protection. KD design with different top, named Universal angle table(curve line), Universal fillet table(round corner), Universal round table(round one), Universal square table(direct line) to suitable for different occasions and to meet different requests.    

For more patented furniture, please visit our website www.bzmaka.com to check.

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