May 21st, 2021

What is SEDEX

SEDEX is the short form of Supplier Business Ethics Information Exchange (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). SEDEX is a network database used to help companies store labor code information within their business scope that can also be shared by their customers. SEDEX is a non-profit organization located in London of England that for membership anywhere in the world. SEDEX has been favored by many large retailers and manufacturers, and many retailers, supermarkets, brands, suppliers and other organizations require their cooperative factories and manufacturers to participate in the SMETA audit to ensure that their operations meet the relevant ethical standards, and the audit results can be recognized and shared by all SEDEX members, so the supplier to accept the SEDEX inspection factory can save many repeated audits from customers.

Scope of SEDEX Audit

SEDEX is a global membership organization that aims to help companies manage their performance in the areas of labor, health and safety, environmental and business ethics in a responsible. SMETA is the audit method of SEDEX audit and one of the three global social responsibility audit methods in the world, and its audit model is divided into 2P and 4P.MAKA as a member has been for years.

Why MAKA become of member of SEDEX

SMETA can help MAKA to establish international credibility, show the positive image of the MAKA, can help us to obtain the recognition of international brand customers, avoid repeated audits of suppliers by foreign customers and save costs. Improve the overall management level and competitiveness. After continuous new design innovation, market development, today’s MAKA has grown into specialized furniture enterprise.MAKA is specialized in indoor and outdoor furniture (plastic chairs/metal wire chairs). For more design,welcome to visit our website:

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