Production and delivery of Maka furniture during the epidemic period.

Jan 19th, 2021

2021 Chinese New Year is coming, Because of the outbreak of covid19, the business of many foreign furniture manufacturers has been affected, we are working day and night to produce orders for customers to meet their delivery requirements

Today, we loaded 5*40 foot containers. Our hard-working team will load your containers on time, no matter in the morning or in the evening. Before starting loading, factory workers will inspect containers from the inside to ensure that there are no holes that may cause leakage during transportation. In the process of step-by-step loading, in order to ensure the loading efficiency and make full use of the maximum space of the container, we also need to load a box of spare parts. After loading, our logistics team will quickly provide you with the necessary shipping documents and detailed loading photos, so as to make any changes in time when necessary.

According to the data in 2020, the sales volume of outdoor chairs is larger, and most customers will use them in outdoor pubs and garden restaurants, Balcony coffee set, bright color is more popular, the sales of iron wire chair and plastic chair are very large.

Some customer may worry about our production capacity at the end of Chinese new year, please don’t worry, because we are an automatic production line, at the same time, we have sufficient inventory of raw materials and finished products, small quantity can be delivered at any time, large quantity orders can be immediately scheduled for production.

Generally, for plastic furniture 20-30days, wire side furniture 30-40days, you can browse our website to choose a design for order, hope can keep service well in 2021 for you.

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