Popular Europe Patent Wire Side Chair

Dec 15th, 2020

If you’re looking for that unique chair to help you express your unique personality then look no further. These artistically designed geometric metal dining chairs have been designed with you in mind. Maka designed Square X chair #5017A in 2018,become top selling item in Europe market.Specially we got the EU patent certificate on Sep. 16th,2020.Whether you are wholesaler or retailer,you can sell this chair anywhere in the world.

Let’s make a brief introduction.Square X chair mesh shape of the seat and its nest-shaped wired body give it extra comfort and ergonomics, as it adapts perfectly to our body.Made of high quality steel, a tenacious material.Imagine your home, office, or business with these beautiful-modern chairs in it. Sometimes it feels that need to express the creative or stylish inner being.

This metal wire chair is affordable and is different from other chairs out in the market today.It has been designed with the creative and fashion-forward person in mind. The durable yet elegant metal frame has been spot welding in just the right place for extra added durability and aesthetics. The seat can be softened slightly by using the PU  cushion pad that has been provided with every chair.

Black is all-match color,we also do by customize color.Simple metal side chair provides a modern design that for any home decor.From dining rooms, living rooms and home offices to balcony and gardens, the wire Chairs fit in any setting.

Worried about the chair sliding around or your floors getting scratched, don’t be. Four beautifully designed stoppers are placed in both the front and back of the two legs to prevent sliding or scratching.

A concentrate of quality that makes the maka product so unique andspecial.You can check our website:www.bzmaka.com/product-item/square-x-chair/ and get free sample.

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