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Dec 22nd, 2020

The iron wire accent dining chair has been in existence for at least half a century. It has a sense of industrial design, relieves people’s pressure, has an affinity for metal mesh, shows classic and generous air, and the balance of the metal wire chair Stability is very good, you can put the chair on any occasion, and curtains, carpets, hangers, lamps and lanterns match into a whole, in addition, with personalized small tea table, balcony flower rack, is to decorate the furniture become flexible and full of passion.

At present, the main countries we sell are as follows:

Europe: France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy,

America: the United States, Canada

Central and South America: Mexico, Chile, Brazil, etc

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

East Asia: Japan, Korea, Chinese mainland, etc.

Southeast Asia: India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc,

Middle East: Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc

In particular, the price of this chair belongs to the middle and low end. Almost any and all types of customers can sell it.

Most of the customers are used in e-commerce, furniture decoration stores, wholesale and large quantity of imported furniture stores, retail furniture stores, DIY stores, outdoor appliance stores, Christmas gift stores, online B2C shopping, TV shopping, supermarkets, etc

It is emphasized here that our iron wire chairs are very popular in the European market, especially this item 5026A, so we applied the EUIPO certificate, this design chiar don’t have copy right can selling in any market and any brand customer.

This accent wire chair have passed the European Union standard test report. The stability of the chair back, the edge of the chair and the legs of the chair have been tested. The load-bearing is 300kgs, the weight of the chairis 6.9kgs, which is stable and not easy to shake at home, and can bear such a heavy kilogram.

This chair packing carton is very smaller only 50*51*65cm, and 2pcs per carton, also very suit the E-commerce business customer, with drop tested mail carton, chair can selling as sets.

If feel good about this item #5026A can contact us for price offer.

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