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At present, most people’s houses have balconies or patio, many people will put a chair in the balcony or patio in their spare time, enjoy the warm sunshine and enjoy the outdoor beauty, so that their mood becomes more relaxed and happy.

We need to pay attention to the material when we buy balcony chairs. If you live in a humid and rainy environment, you’d better choose a chair that is resistant to rain erosion,

If you live in a sunny environment, you’d better not choose solid wood or rattan chair. This kind of chair is easy to crack or deform when exposed to sunlight for several times, so you’d better choose plastic.

When choosing patio furniture chairs, you need to choose according to the size of the space. If the patio space is small, you’d better choose stackable chairs, which is more convenient to use and does not occupy space.

At present, there are many styles of patio chairs on the market. When we buy, we need to choose the chairs that match with the overall home decoration style, so that they look more exquisite and comfortable. Here we introduce several popular patio furniture which MAKA furniture produces for you.

This chair is an excellent outdoor balcony chair. It is the most popular style in Europe in recent years. Our shipment volume is very large. Almost all retail stores, online stores, furniture decoration stores and DIY stores will choose this patio chair,

Simple lines, generous design, color can be customized, the most important thing is that it can be used with any material table, chairs can be stacked.

Sometimes the balcony chair needs to be moved to different occasions. The plastic material is very light, but it is durable, won’t scratch and fade easily, and it’s not as easy to age as the wooden furniture. You can buy a whole outdoor patio furniture for a small amount of money.

The design of this plastic chair is simple and atmospheric, the chair back has no pattern, the sitting feeling is comfortable and in line with ergonomics, especially white, black and pale grey are the most popular.

Many well-known e-commerce companies in many countries will choose this chair to sell on the Internet. This chair is also the one with the largest sales volume on Black Friday. The chair can bear the weight of more than 300kgs by strengthening fiberglass.

It’s very firm. It usually outlines the outline of the seat with simple lines. It’s very simple and generous. It’s very popular with young people because it can lie on it comfortably with a cushion.

Modern, classic, unique and perfect design, this wire side patio chair is a high-quality, light and strong chair, with a simple and atmospheric effect, parallel wire back and seat surface, clear and elegant lines. It’s like carving, comfortable and practical.

This is a classic design. The back has crisscross patterns and distinct lines. The ironwork is made of solid fine iron. After hand polishing and then high temperature paint plating, the paint will not fall off and will not corrode.

It can be placed outdoors or indoors with classic small side tables. It is the chair with a large sales volume among outdoor leisure chairs, and it is also the most popular style of patio furniture. Wire chair we can also spray gold, silver and so on

The simple sensory experience can stabilize the terrace tone, and the warm lighting effect can make the finishing point, highlighting the luxurious and elegant charm of the room.

The beauty and rhythm of its design make all the characteristics in the space skillfully combined, and it can tell you its elegance through the metal wire patio chair and tables.

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